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In 1963 the dedication and passion of Giuseppe Oliva and Maria Perniola give life to our first oil mill that produces exclusively extra virgin olive oil with cold pressing method. Over the years the family business continues its project involving new protagonists, such as their daughter Patrizia and her husband Biagio. Today with their three sons Nunzio, Giuseppe and Domenico, produce the extra virgin olive oil Perniola by cold extraction and using the latest generation of machinery.The story of a family that has made of its professional project, a life project. Three generations confronted with different approaches, models of thought shaped over time but with the same purpose: to carry on the company that was founded on love, traditions and the work of a strong and united family. All the emotions that make up this story you will find enclosed in the flavor of Perniola oil: decisive, charismatic, unforgettable.
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Bari, Italy
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Fewer than 5 People
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Below US$1 Million
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Below 1,000 square meters
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via Santeramo in Colle, 191 - 70022 - Altamura (ba) - Apulia - ly
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OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered
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Below US$1 Million

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